BISS CH Backbeat Bix-L's Double Trouble


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My name is Kathy Veglahn and together with my sister, Linda Johnson, we formed KatLin Boxers.

My first Boxer was a stray that wandered into my life and heart.  My husband and I were at a fast food restaurant and our two Cocker Spaniels were in the car with the windows partially rolled down.   I panicked a little when I saw a good sized Boxer walk up to our car and put his paws on the door to get a closer look at my Cockers.  Turns out he was a sweetheart and just wanted to say hi.  Nobody at the restaurant knew whom he belonged to so we took our Cockers home and returned to get the Boxer so we could attempt to find his owners.  A two-week ad in the newspaper and many trips to search the Humane Society's lost records did not help us find his owners.   What could we do?  In 1990 this big dog came into our lives and our hearts.  We kept him and named him Bear.  He was a beautiful flashy fawn with cropped ears and he quickly became part of our family.  We were lucky to have him 7 years and he made me fall forever in love with Boxers.

We bought Dozer after Bear died.  He too was a beautiful flashy fawn.  His sire was CH Vihabra's Gold'N Taurus and his dam was Merrilane's Hot Brandy.  We left his ears natural because we bought him as a pet.  Thank you Patty Ventry for letting us have sweet Dozer.  It started with a stray...

My start with "show" Boxers was not intentional.  When my sweet pet Roxie died of cancer on 8/8/05 my heart was broken.  She was only 7 years old.  Her sire was CH Abby-Rose's-Boxer Blue Print and her dam was Patkath's Winter Sunshine.  

I had told my husband Arnie if he really loved me he'd let me have another Boxer.  He said if I really loved him I wouldn't ask for another Boxer.  He had a point so I told him I'd try really hard not to ask again.  

On my birthday 8/23/05 Arnie took me to lunch and told me my present was a shopping spree.  I tried really hard to be happy because that was a great birthday present.  Arnie then told me he had a second gift...I could get a puppy after all because he knew how much I wanted one.  Boy did I love that gift!  I burst out crying at the table.  Needless to say we gobbled our lunch so I could go home and make some phone calls.  Mind you, I had already done my research - starting with the AKC for a list of reputable breeders in my area.  

One of my calls was to Sydney & Doug Brown of Cayman Boxers.  Sydney told me she had three females but they were for show homes, not pet homes.  She recommended someone in Southern California who might have a pet puppy, but we kept talking about Boxers for several more minutes.  I told her about losing Roxie and of course I cried when I told her.   I’ll never forget what happened next - Sydney asked, "honey would you like to come see my puppies?  I know you would give one of them a wonderful home."  Watch out - here come the tears again.

The very next day 3 1/2 month old Kayla became a part of our family.  She is sweet and beautiful and we'll always be grateful to Sydney and Doug for this fuzzy face to love.  

I resisted the show ring for two months.  I only wanted a pet but all it took was one little "fun" puppy and I was hooked.  Kayla went from pet to the show ring and it's been a roller-coaster ride ever since.

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