Cayman's Sweet Memory "Kayla"

May 12, 2005 - July 10, 2014

With tears streaming down our faces my sister, Linda Johnson, and I held our girl Kayla as she took her last breath. We had taken her to the vet because she had an intermittent cough and she also had what we thought was a fatty tumor on the side of her neck. Our vet aspirated the lump on her neck and confirmed it was a fatty tumor. Kayla's heart sounded good but she took a couple of X-rays because of the coughing. There was a large white area over her upper chest.  Our vet thought it was pneumonia but said the radiologist would review the X-rays and she'd call with results the next day - the Fourth of July. When I got the call and was told it wasn't pneumonia my heart stopped as I waited for the next dreaded words.


We chose not to see an oncologist or put our 9 year old sweet Kayla through exploratory surgery. We saw the X-rays and saw the huge mass. We took her home and watched her. We knew she'd let us know when the time came. She did let us know. We could see it in her eyes.


When we were petting her and telling her how much we loved her as the vet was doing her prep work, Kayla did the most amazing thing. She had been laying with her head in my hand. Linda was on the other side of her stroking her fur. Kayla lifted her head and turned it to look at Linda and then she laid her head in Linda's hands. She was saying goodbye to her. Then she turned back to me again.


The other day I had emailed a friend and told her because of Kayla we've met the most amazing people. We bought her as a pet but showed her until she told us in no uncertain terms that she didn't like being in the ring.  She stopped showing but we were hooked on the fun of dog shows. We have Kayla to thank for the friends we've made.


Cayman's Sweet Memory - we have so many sweet memories. She'll be in our hearts forever.

We miss you pretty girl and you know how much we loved you and love you still.


Thank you Sydney & Doug Brown for changing our lives and allowing us to have Kayla.


Kathy Veglahn & Linda Johnson

"The Sisters"

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