Thank you Bear for coming into our lives.   We really did try to find your owners but when we failed we decided to keep you.  You fit into our lives so perfectly. You made friends with Dusty and Nutmeg our Cocker Spaniels and made us fall in love with BOXERS.  We were heartbroken when cancer took you from us after seven short years.


Dozer started showing symptoms of Degenerative Myelopathy at almost eight years old and a year later we made the difficult decision to let him die with dignity.  We donated blood to Dr. Joan Coates for her research on DM.


Roxie was only seven when we lost her to lymphoma.  Although the cancer was eating her up she never stopped wagging her tail or following us around.  She made us smile and laugh out loud every single day even up to the end.


Dreading the exploratory surgery and hoping this wasn’t goodby... Sadly it was goodby and we miss little wiggle butt very much.

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